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We have programs and courses all over IU Indianapolis's campus that can help you become an innovator, creator, and entrepreneur. Whether you want to focus on social innovation, design thinking, or starting your own business, we have you covered.

The Jag Challenge

The Jag Challenge is an innovation sprint that specific courses have the opportunity to participate in during Bridge and also during a First-Year Experience course. Students work in teams to identify a problem within a specific challenge space. They conduct interviews, develop empathy maps, and ideate solutions for a target individual. It is fun, creative, and all kinds of wild as students work on wicked problems and better help the IU Indianapolis campus and community!

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The Minor in Innovation

The Minor in Innovation allows you the opportunity to enhance your current degree at IU Indianapolis with a dedicated focus on innovating within your field. Our plan of study is flexible, allowing you the opportunity to take the minor regardless of your major and taking courses in an an area you are passionate about. As you move through the minor, you will take one course in each of the five categories listed below.

These courses focus on providing the foundation for becoming a creative problem solver by exploring student identity drive and purpose.

Current courses that you may choose from are:

  • UCOL-U 215 Designing Life Pathways
  • BUS-W 212 Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • CGT 10100 Intro to Computer Graphics Technology
  • HHS/HPER-R 275 Leadership and Teamwork Development
  • NEWM-N 100 Foundations of New Media

These courses provide an overview of innovation and innovation frameworks.

Current courses that you may choose from are:

  • BUS-W 235 New Venture Ideas
  • CGT 20400 Intro to Themed Attraction Design
  • EALC-E 396 East Asian Culture and Civilization: The I Ching
  • HER-U 101 Design Thinking 101
  • OLS 35100 Innovation & Entrepreneurship

These courses focus on the various aspects of collaboration important to the teamwork that yields innovation.

The courses you may take in this category are:

  • CGT 31700 Planning and Communicating Themed Attraction
  • KINE-L 333 Innovation in Leadership and Team Dynamics
  • OLS 48500 Leadership for Team Development

One of two experiential capstone courses, this course requires you to work in a team to explore solutions for well-framed problems in your discipline.

Current courses that you may choose from are:

  • BUS-2 311 New Venture Creation
  • CGT 31700 Planning and Communicating Themed Attraction Design
  • HPER-P 432 Sports Management Consulting
  • INFO-H 467 IoT Interface Design and Business Innovation
  • NEWM-N 420 Multimedia Project Development

The second experiential capstone course, this course requires participants to work in a team to explore solutions for undefined and messy problems, develop a prototype/solution, and create an action plan geared toward sustaining the solution.

BUS-W 212 Exploring Entrepreneurship

  • Do you have a new idea and want to see if it can make money?​
  • Do you dream of starting your own business one day or being your own boss?
  • Do need to figure out how to use your unique talents to make money?
  • Do you want to make your art, sell it to others, and make a profit?
  • Are you good at building technology, but want to understand how you can use that to help others?

Exploring Entrepreneurship is the class that will not only teach you about how to create and run a small venture but also how to take your idea, develop a valuable product or service, and promote the unique talents and skills you have to offer. It is being taught by Professor Barb Cutillo, a full-time faculty member at the Kelley School of Business, current angel investor, and former co-founder and successful entrepreneur in the financial services industry. If you are interested, be sure to look for the Exploring Entrepreneurship class in the course listings.

The Design Thinking program

Now more than ever, T-shaped professionals are in high demand for their ability to collaborate across disciplines, build relationships, and advance innovation. These contemporary workers are characterized by the possession of deep skills in a specialty as well as the knack for solving problems in other areas of expertise, allowing them to move beyond boundaries.

The emerging field of design thinking responds to this paradigm shift as a human-centered approach to connecting the dots.

This certificate program introduces a mindset as well as core skills in creative problem solving that can be applied to any discipline or field. Knowing how to investigate innovative solutions will enable you to actively apply, connect, and produce knowledge that meets complex human needs.

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